Experts Guide for the Media


Area of Expertise

Jaleel K. Abdul-Adil

Jaleel K. Abdul-Adil

Co-director of the Urban Youth Trauma Center and associate professor of clinical psychology in psychiatry

Trevonne Thompson

Trevonne Thompson

assistant professor of emergency medicine

Dr. Mark Rosenblatt

Mark Rosenblatt

professor and head, ophthalmology and visual sciences

Fady Charbel

Fady Charbel (F)

Richard L. and Gertrude W. Fruin Professor and head neurosurgery

Dr. Gary Slutkin

Gary Slutkin

professor of epidemiology and founder and CEO, Cure Violence

Subhash Pandey

Subhash Pandey, director, UIC Center for Alcohol Research in Epigenetics. Photo: Joshua Clark.

professor of psychiatry and director, UIC Center for Alcohol Research in Epigenetics

Christopher Holden

Christopher Holden

Assistant clinical professor of psychiatry, director of addiction services

Angela Odoms-Young

Angela Odoms-Young

Associate Professor of Nutrition and Director of the Healthy Cities Collaborative