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June 1, 2016

How can we reduce the risks of lead exposure?

How does lead harm the body, and how can we reduce the risk of exposure to this toxic substance in our homes and schools?

August 24, 2014

Brain Networks ‘Hyper-Connected’ in Young Adults who had Depression

News Release   [Writer] This is research news from U-I-C – the University of Illinois at Chicago. Today, Rachel Jacobs, research assistant professor of psychiatry, talks about a study that used brain imaging to examine young adults with previous episodes of depression. Here’s Professor Jacobs: [Jacobs] So this study was funded by the National Institutes of […]

February 11, 2014

Farm Bill Makes ‘Significant’ Cuts to Food Stamp Program

News Release   [Writer] This is a UIC News podcast for the University of Illinois at Chicago. Today we will be talking with UIC researcher Angela Odoms-Young about the impact of the farm bill on the federal food stamp program called SNAP. [Young] About 47 million individuals receive SNAP each month. And the purpose of […]

October 21, 2013

Growing Up Poor and Stressed Impacts Brain Function as an Adult

News Release   [K. Luan Phan, Professor of Psychiatry] Over the past several decades we’ve learned that childhood poverty confers the risk of the development of negative physical and psychological health consequences throughout life. One of the major theories is that childhood poverty leads to ongoing chronic stress as the child grows up into adolescence and […]

October 14, 2013

Adult Stem Cells Help Build Human Blood Vessels in Engineered Tissues

News Release   [Writer] This is research news from UIC – the University of Illinois at Chicago. Today, Dr. Jalees Rehman, associate professor of cardiology and pharmacology in the UIC College of Medicine will talk about his recent study on how stem cells can promote the development of blood vessels in engineered tissues. Here’s Dr. […]

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